Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Jonathan Cahn Delivers the Priestly Blessing - Prophecy Summit Northwest...


The MUGG AND BEAN  in Cavendish Mall is splendid. 

I ordered flap jacks, syrup and cream with coffee. 

My earphones plugged into my SAMSUNG NOTE 5 block out the sound of milling shoppers.  I can take an hour and listen to my kabbalah teachers.

I learned today that the good Lord can fix anything negative we may have done, murder even, but not the hurt we cause each other.  

We have to fix that ourselves.  

Before Yom Kippur. 

It's a good thing too!  Who would apologize and make amends if they knew God would do it for them.  Who would not apologize if they knew that for the rest of the year, that day of the week on which they caused chaos, during this special time, will be fraught with chaos of their own making.  That's why I suppose we wonder why bad things happen to good people.  One glitch at the wrong time, and ...

Love and Light

Monday, October 10, 2016

Newness Continues

Most blogs I follow have last been updated four months ago.  What happened to us?  Must have some cosmic cause, but I have no means to check. Mostly time and how-to handicaps.

The UFO fellow has come back. I haven't read the latest one. No time.  Got too much to do this week.

I am sitting here waiting to do something.   Timing is everything.   I recently realized that my life consists of waiting for someone else to do something so I can do something.  I guess that is my work this life time.  Not complaining, just observing.  I'm waiting for my charge to get out of the bath so I can moisturize her skin.

Task done.   I have to give her more food.  She's painfully thin.

Please don't expect too much today.  Or even for a while.   This is a slow start to Newness again.
I am beginning because I must begin at least with the beginning of things.

I don' t know which country to freak out about most.  Syria still hurts me. My country concerns me. Helicopters overhead frighten me.  The American elections are beyond bizarre.  And yet, one can get in one's car, go to the mall, do stuff and come back without any major story to tell. And, those who enjoy sport, watch cricket. Praise the Lord!

Seeing that there is precious little I can do about all that, except pray and send love and light, I am pouring all my energies into those I can be of assistance to.  And, not to give you the wrong impression, all my energies means a little here and there,

Well, that's enough for a beginning.
Have places to go and things to do.  Helicopter is now really edging into my space and I have to get underground quickly.   To the mall I go.

Love and Light